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Each Nipper must complete a Run/Swim/Run, which will be done in the first & second week of Nippers, and a Timed Pool Swim (For U/9 & U/10 it is a 200m pool swim in under 6 minutes and for U/11-U/14’s it is a 200m pool swim in under 5 minutes).

Timed Pool Swims must be done in a 25m pool and be signed and cited by a Club Official or a swim coach (forms from swim centres must bear the stamp of the centre for verification purposes



Age Groups, Preliminary and Competitions

All U/9 to U/14’s must prove their proficiency before competing in carnivals.

If you have concerns relating to your child’s ability to obtain their Proficiency Qualifications, please contact one of the Committee members or your Age Manager. Some children aren’t able to pass their proficiency until later in the season – this isn’t uncommon. Sometimes it just takes a little more pool practice, some encouragement and confidence building!


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