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    To tentatively book your event, you are required to return a signed copy of the “Terms and Conditions.” Once received we will book your event in and issue a deposit invoice for payment within 3 days of your tentative booking being made. The deposit amount of $500 will be invoice from the clubs accounts department, as outlined on your deposit invoice. If your deposit payment is not received within this time the booking may be released.


    Minimum numbers, menu selections, beverages details, audio visual requirements, room set up and event timings are required 4 WEEKS prior to the event. Increases in numbers may be accepted up to 14 Days prior to your event however, no decreases will be accepted. Dietary requirements must be advised  14 Days prior to the event. 


    The minimum spends for each of the spaces vary, please contact our functions manager to confirm the applicable minimum spend. Management reserves the right to apply minimum spends where exclusive use is required, regardless of confirmed numbers. Increased minimum spends may also apply during peak periods and public holidays. In the event that function capacity is not reached; management reserves the right to open up parts of the designated area to other members of the public after 1 hour.


    Final guaranteed numbers are required 28 Days prior to the event, unless advised otherwise by Event Centre staff. The final invoice will then be sent at minimum 21 Days prior, and full payment must be paid within 3 days from the issue of the final invoice. Payment plans and periodic payments can be arranged with management.


    Every effort is made to maintain prices as printed; however, pricing may be subject to change after you have booked your event. Once final numbers have been advised and Final Invoice issued prices will not be subject to increase. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.



    1. Cancellations more than ninety (90) days prior to the event: If you cancel the booking more than ninety (90) days prior to the event the Club will retain 15% of the deposit paid, to cover administration costs incurred.

    2. Cancellations more than thirty (30) days but less than ninety (90) days prior to the event: If you cancel the booking more than thirty (30) days but less than ninety (90) days prior to the event, the Club will retain 50% of the deposit paid. If the Club is subsequently able to re-hire the venue for the same date(s) as your cancelled booking, the deposit paid by you, less 15% to cover administration costs, will be refunded.

    3. Cancellations less than seven (7) days but less than thirty (30) days prior to the event: If you cancel the booking more than seven (7) days but less than thirty (30) days prior to the event, the Club will retain 100% of the deposit paid. If the Club is subsequently able to re-hire the venue for the same date(s) as your cancelled booking, the deposit paid by you, less 15% to cover administration costs, will be refunded.

    4. Cancellations less than seven (7) days prior to the event: If you cancel the booking within seven (7) days of the event, all monies paid by you will be forfeited, and in addition the Club may also charge you fees and charges in respect of any cancelled food and beverages services. These additional fees and charges will be payable by you on the demand of the Club. PLEASE NOTE: The Club reserves the right to cancel any event if it believes that it will affect the smooth running of the club, its security, reputation, or potential breach of its licence.

    The event client agrees to enter and vacate the function room at the scheduled times agreed upon and notes in the Event Sheet. Should the event go beyond the agreed finishing time or before the agreed starting time the Club may reserve the right to impose a charge of $200 for each hour the function room is occupied. The regular closing time for evening event is midnight. With prior arrangement only and at the Club’s discretion, this may be extended up until Midnight, at an additional charge of $200. If you require access prior to the Club’s standard opening times, please discuss with Events Centre staff at least four weeks in advance. We will endeavour to meet your requirements and in this instance the Club may require you to complete early entry documentation. If approved, all travel movements prior to the opening of the venue needs to be communicated with Mingara’s Venue Concierge and will only be permitted to the specifications outlined in advance. Only Mingara’s Venue Concierge can open a perimeter door to allow entry/departure for any person as they are accountable for the site and all its occupants.


    All guests attending your event, who are not members and are over the age of 18 adhere to all Club regulations. Proof of age is required on request and dress standards must be adhered to at all times. Any persons under the age of 18 years may attend an event providing a parent or legal guardian accompanies and supervises them at all times, including entering and leaving the club. They are not to enter other areas of the Club without an adult accompanying them. Under age persons must not approach bars or consume any alcohol and are not permitted in other bar or gaming areas at any time. If under age guests are found to be drinking alcohol, the bar may cease to operate, and your event may be closed. In keeping with the Club’s legislative compliance requirements and of the Law, all persons entering the Club are expected to behave in an orderly manner at all times. Management reserves the right to remove those who do not wish to abide. Some event patrons may not be permitted to enter other areas of the Club following the event.


    No external food or beverage is permitted into the Club by any party. Beverage prizes are not permitted at any event without prior authorisation from the Club. If permission is granted the prizes must be sealed/ wrapped and cannot be opened whilst on site.  Wedding cakes are permitted, $2 pp service fee.


    In keeping with the Law and the Club’s commitment to both members and patrons, Management and staff support a strict “Responsible Service of Alcohol” policy. This requires that any persons displaying visible signs of intoxication will be refused service and will be requested to vacate the premises immediately. A fine of up to $5,500 applies to any staff providing alcohol to an intoxicated person. Food must be provided for all events supplying alcohol and a minimum food requirement will apply. Note: Beverage service will cease 30 minutes prior to the end time of all events with a maximum beverage service time of four (4) hours. In some cases, a separate RSA policy and agreement may be applied for your event and will need to be signed by the event client or member on the night of your event. No refund on bar tabs. Illegal drug use of any kind on Club premises will results in immediate removal and referral to relevant authorities.


    All outside contractors must liaise directly with the Events department on all matters of deliveries, set up and breakdown and must also sign into the Club on arrival. Outside contractors engaged by the client are the responsibility of the client.



    1. Ensure that a contact name and telephone number from your organisation appears on any information flyers or materials.

    2. The Club cannot guarantee advertising space to promote your event within any medium of advertising the Club may use, and the Club will not allow advertising posters or other advertising material to be displayed within the bounds of the Club premises, other than within the hired function room unless otherwise agreed.

    3. All external advertising material irrespective of its form must indicate:

      1. Which person/persons or organisation is presenting the event

      2. Names and telephone numbers for enquiries (this must not be Mingara Recreation Club)

      3. The Club must only be indicated as the venue of the event and must only be indicated in small print.

      4. Any use of the Club name or logo must be sent to Event Centre staff for approval prior to production.

    4. In the instance of ticketed events the sale or distribution of admission tickets by you is at all times subject to the direction of the Club. Room capacities must not be exceeded and updates on tickets sold must be made available to Event Centre staff upon request. Tickets must be sequentially numbered. You must ensure that the Club approves any proposed floor plan before it is made available for public sale via ticketing agencies (including private or commercial ticketing agencies).

    Event clients are financially responsible for any damage Event clients are financially responsible for any damage sustained to their own property, and that of the Club during the event by their guests, contractors, or anyone else aligned with their event. No staples, sticky tape, blue tac, nails, or Velcro may be used on any walls. If damages occur, additional charges may apply. No wax candles are allowed, the use of battery-operated candles are preferred. Security guards are required for events with over 100 guests, or if deemed necessary by Event Centre staff. Security guards will be engaged by Event Centre staff at your cost of: Weekdays $1,029.60, Saturdays $1,135.20, Sundays $1,280.40, Public Holidays $1,584.00. This is for 1 guard for a minimum of 5 hours.

    The venue does not accept responsibility for loss of merchandise left prior or after the function. It is recommended that all client goods be removed from the venue immediately after a function. For venue hire a bond of $1,500 will be required and returned after the event provided no damage has be sustained to the club or its facilities. If any damage is sustained to the club, replacement and repair is at the cost of the organiser, damage to the property may result in loss of the bond.

    All persons engaged or employed by the event client in connection with the event must comply with the provisions of this Conditions of Hire, and you agree to accept responsibility for any failure on the part of your agents, employees, volunteers, and contractors to observe and comply with these provisions. You must ensure that all of your agents, employees, volunteers, and contractors are familiar with the requirements of any applicable Health and Safety legislation. You and your agents, employees and contractors must comply with the Club’s H&S policy whilst on the Club’s premises. A copy of the policy is available on request from Event Centre staff.


    It is the client’s responsibility to take out their own insurance for all items belonging to them and brought on to Club premises and any staff / workers taking part in the event. The Club is not responsible for the client’s or guest’s belongings and/or equipment. The Club may request Copies of Certificates of Currency.


    Minimum food requirements apply for 18th and 21st birthday celebrations. Yard glasses and strippers are not permitted, and any fancy-dress themes are to be approved by the Club. Security guards are required and will be engaged by Event Centre staff at your cost of: Weekdays $1,029.60, Saturdays $1,135.20, Sundays $1,280.40, Public Holidays $1,584.00. This is for 2 guards for a minimum of 5 hours. Board approval required for all 18th and 21st birthday celebrations. The security guard/guards will check proof of identification upon entry and guests who are over eighteen (18) years of age may be issued a wristband. If alcohol is being served at the event, a parent or guardian must accompany under-age guests.


    Any additional decorations or props must be approved by the functions team. The venue reserves the right to remove any material or equipment that may be considered in poor taste, offensive or dangerous. No confetti or scatters is to be used at any time during an event, including confetti in balloons. Access to the space will be advised by the functions manager in your booking along with pack up deadlines.


PLEASE NOTE: All stated terms and conditions apply to all clients and groups using the Club’s event facilities, including Sub Clubs and other sponsored community groups. It is the responsibility of the event client and/ or Club Member to ensure these terms and conditions and general Club rules are followed. By acknowledging and returning the “Terms and Conditions” form you are agreeing to all aforementioned terms and conditions.

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