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During the season there are several half day carnivals at various beaches where the not-so-young Surf Life Savers compete against other not-so-young Life Savers from other beaches.

  • Disciplines at Masters:  Sprint, Sprint Relays, Flags, Swim, Swim Team, Board, Board Relay, Ski, Ski Relay, Tube, Camerons, Taplins

  • You can compete in single person events in the following age groups: 30-34; 35-39; 45-49; 50-54; 55-59; 60-65 etc. (Age is determined as at 30 September)

  • And/or Team events (this is where the fun comes in) where age groups combine to make up various age categories, dependent on the discipline.

  • The Central Coast Branch Masters is always the highlight of the season, where everyone pitches in to make up as many teams as possible.  Over the past few years, Avoca have won Branch and we want to keep that going…. And to have fun and team spirit.

  • Avoca Masters compete at local carnivals, Branch, State, Aussies and the World Titles.


How can I compete in Masters carnivals?

You must have your Bronze, have done your patrol hours (25 per calendar year) and let the the Masters Captain know if you are planning to attend a carnival, as new rules and regulations no longer permit just turning up on the day.

We also need to supply Officials for each carnival, so we need to know the numbers attending to meet the new SLS NSW requirements 

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