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Patrolling the beach is the main function of the Club and we encourage our Members to participate in patrolling duties.  Members that are unable to attend their rostered patrols are requested to organise a substitute patrol member so that the beach can be patrolled and incidents kept to a minimum.  Patrolling members are required to sign on and off each patrol in the Patrol Log Book located in the Captain's Office, or with the Patrol Captain.

If you are unable to attend your scheduled patrol, please contact your patrol captain and ensure you have arranged a substitute for you on this patrol.

Those members, who have fulfilled their rostered patrol duties, are recognised at the end of season presentation.

Patrolling Members are provided with their own sun safe shirt which is to be worn whilst on patrol, (please do not wear casual clothes whilst on patrol),  sunscreen is found in the Captains Office and patrolling members are encouraged to reapply this, keep up their fluid intake on a regular basis, and to make use of the shelters provided.

Patrolling Members are reminded that parking is only allowed in the designated carparks surrounding the Surf Club.  Parking is not permitted behind the Club in the boat turning area, or on the grass areas behind the Club.


All patrol members must (legibly) sign on and off patrol in the patrol log.  It is important that Members sign on as soon as they arrive on patrol. Please remember that the Log Books are legal documents and could be called upon as evidence.

Duties while on patrol are: monitoring the conditions  of the beach, ensuring the safety of all swimmers, with particular attention being given at all times to the area adjacent to the Rock Pool which is well known for its rips which have caught many unsuspecting tourists;   prevention of potential dangers to the beach goers; treatment of any injured person & ensuring Incident Report Log in any cases that are referred further; provision of public information;  care & cleaning   of equipment, Captains Office, & First Aid Room and any other duties deemed necessary by your Patrol Captain and Vice Captain.

Please remember you are the face of lifesaving whilst on patrol, and the public have high standards.  Please be aware of your language, actions and general behavior at all times.


All Members have a duty of care for the public and fellow Club Members. Public Liability Insurance is cover which is available if a member of the public or a Surf Life Saving Club member takes legal action (civil) for alleged negligence against SLSA or its members – including all financial Avoca Beach SLSC Members.

If Members follow safety and precautionary measures set by SLSA, use SLSA approved equipment and remain vigilant the need for public liability insurance will be minimised. Any Member acting in a manner that constitutes willful misconduct or willful negligence may not be covered by insurance and could be personally liable for any loss or damage resulting from his/her actions. A reminder to all Members that we are bound by the SLSA Codes of Conduct

Relevant Patrol Documents:



When on patrol you are to wear your full patrol uniform, consisting of:

  • Red shorts

  • Yellow DHL patrol shirt

  • Cap


To Contact the Director of Lifesaving for more information please email Director of Lifesaving, Brett Beswick on

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