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Getting to know our patrol captains


Nickname: Brian Westlake

Family: Wife and three kids. All three kids completed nippers from U/6 to U/14. All family members have achieved their bronze medallion. 

Years in ABSLSC: Joined as nipper parents in around 1998 (~ 25 years). PC from ~2002.

Overall memories of patrolling at ABSLSC: First patrols as with all new bronze holders (“what do I do with this…?”). Receiving thanks/ acknowledgement from the public after retrieving a family member, and overdosing on chicken salt on the patrol chips…

Best part of being a PC: Being able to provide support to the patrol team and public. Enjoying seeing the camaraderie and cohesion between the patrol team.

Any advice for future PCs: Do as many awards as possible and encourage other members to do the same. Ensure you understand the capabilities/skills of your team members at each patrol. Remember that you have a legal responsibility for the actions of your team member’s (vicarious liability…). Follow up on the wellbeing/debrief of team members after a rescue.

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