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New Head Coach - Trevor Gee

Avoca Beach SLSC is excited to announce Trevor Gee as our new Head Coach. Trevor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Club. Not only has Trevor shown his commitment to coaching with some of the best athletes, but Trevor himself is a past

Australian Board Champion with a bag full of medals from many State and Australian Carnivals during the mid-90’s and 2000’s.

With years of dedication to the sport and a passion for mentoring, Trevor is set to lead us to new heights into the future. Trevor has a very long history with Avoca Beach. Trevor came though the Nippers program at Avoca and it’s fair to say the whole Gee family share a big part of their lives with Avoca. Trevor’s mum, Jan, is a Life Member of the Ladies Auxiliary and current President. Trevor’s dad, Phil, is a Life Member, and his two uncles, Dick and Dennis Gee, are also Life Members of Avoca Beach SLSC.

Trevor is passionate in his determination to develop and hone skills with all athletes, create a great community and bring people together to achieve their best.

The Club is excited for what lies ahead for our competitors and coaches within the Club.

When you see Trevor, please give him a warm welcome as he leads our competitors on this exciting journey into the future.

Avoca Beach SLSC

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