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Nippers Awards 2023-2024 Season

Perpetual award winners:


  • VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR - Bec Wiseman Trophy - Margaret Thomas

  • MOLLY HOBAN: New Family - Wetti Family

  • CLARKE FAMILY TROPHY: Most improved female board paddler - Angel

  • CHRIS PARKER TROPHY: Most improved male board paddler - Eden Day

  • ANNIE STALLEY TROPHY: Most improved female beach competitor - Melody McRae

  • MARK WALTERS AWARD: Most improved male beach competitor - Jackson Eagles

  • JESSICA BARNES MEMORIAL TROPHY: Most improved female swimmer - Felicity Jones

  • CLYDE HILLSDON TROPHY: Most improved male swimmer - Oliver LaversBILL & GRAHAM BUTCHERY TROPHY: Female encouragement award - Soraya Verolin

  • JEAN JONES PERPETUAL TROPHY: Male encouragement award - Oli Craik

  • MARK SAINSBURY Surfer of the year - Olive Morriss

  • JELFS FAMILY TROPHY: Beach competitor of the year - Paige Casey

  • SHARON BRIERTY TROPHY: Female junior competitor of the year - Stella Webster

  • DANIEL SHADE TROPHY: Male junior competitor of the year - Clive Morriss

  • MICHELE DORRELL TROPHY: Female senior competitor of the year - Alex Hall and Amber-Skye Stevenson

  • HOWARD JONES MEMORIAL TROPHY: Male senior competitor of the year - Sam Wetti and Tor Mansor

  • LEANNE MCAULIFFE PERPETUAL AWARD: Nipper of the year - Ajay de Gruchy

  • MELANIE THOMPSON TROPHY: Nipperette of the year - Josie Kendal

  • MCCLELLAND FAMILY TROPHY: Junior club person of the year - Izzy Ruzek and Jasper Hunter

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